Diktatur Bewältigen


Diktatur Bewältigen

2012 “Diktatur Bewältigen” is a joint project of forum zenith e.V. and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa). Its objektive is the comprehensive examination of postrevolutionary processes in Egypt and Tunisia. A documentary and a complementary book explain in essays, photography and interviews the achievements and obstacles in processing the past of the two Arab countries and offer comparative insights into the experience of other states. The project is the first of its kind with its detailed documentation on how people deal with the past in the two countries.

As one of the focal points of the projects is the processing of secret service files, the film offers insights into the work of the “Stasi-Unterlagenbehörde” (BStU, federal authority administrating the files of the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, the secret service of the German Democratic Republic).

Seeing that there is no “standard solution” for dealing with the past, the fundamental research has been undertaken by local experts from Egypt and Tunisia who  examined the issue from legal, historical and social perspectives and subsequently tried to suggest a unique way for their specific society. The team was composed of jurists, journalists and historians.

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